Chusseau-Flaviens - Belgian Royal Family - "23" Series (violin lesson)

The inscriptions on this series of the Princess providing violin instruction imply Chusseau-Flaviens regarded this subject as separate from others he photographed on the same undated occasion. Though the negatives at GEM don't include the image in Thérèse Bonney's 1933 publication, it is reasonable to assume that the uncredited image in that book is from this series.   Since Chusseau-Flaviens had died in 1928, had Bonney selected images (by 1933), and then passed the remainder on to Kodak Pathé (from whom it was relocated to GEH in the 1970s.

  Chusseau-Flaviens??   From: M. Thérèse Bonney. REMEMBER WHEN. Coward McCann, Inc. New York, 1933

 21   Belgique Pce Albert et famille/Chusseau-Flaviens

 23   Belgique Pcesse Albert

 23A   Belgique Pcesse Albert

 23B   Belgique Pcesse ... (illeg)

 23C   Belgique Pcesse Albert