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Contacts: Andrew Eskind, Editor/Project Director at aeskind@gmail.com                Greg Drake, Co-editor at photoindex2004@yahoo.com

This data was initialy published by the G.K. Hall Company of Boston as a series of reference books beginning with "Index to American Photographic Collections" in 1982, and culminating several editions later as "International Photography, George Eastman House Index to Photographers, Collections, and Exhibitions" in 1998.

It initially served as a component of the photography cataloging system at George Eastman House, and was accessible on-line via Telnet until 2010.

It is now independently co-edited by Andrew Eskind and Greg Drake and continues to grow and improve upon more than 30 years of research.

The data is updated on an ongoing basis, but, by its nature, can never be complete. Suggestions from our users are always welcome.

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