What's New - 2023

SUPERSETS & pdf export.

What is a superset? For purposes of a recently developed feature, a superset is the population of photographers associated with more than on collection, or with more than one exhibition. A set of more than one exhibition may be all of the exhibitions associated with a single exhibiting institution such as a museum. Or one might want to examine all of the photographers selected by a curator who has curated more than one exhibit - perhaps all of the exhibits we know of for a curator.

Within the online database there are now several locations with buttons labelled "View Superset" which triggers a preview - in most cases with opportunities to rank or reorder the set for alternate presentations. From these, another new button labelled "export pdf" generates a pdf similar to the samples offered below.

featured pdf: National Museum of Women in the Arts - photographer holdings = 101

featured pdf: 25 exhibits 1916-1938 - 1710 photographers ranked from most frequently exhibited - to least frequently

Andrew Eskind (October 2023)

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